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1. When Will I See Improved Rankings in Google?

The period for ranking your website in the major search engines will be influenced by several factors including the structure of the website before any SEO techniques are applied. A website that has been published for some time and contains a variety of backlinks will be viewed as more reliable by the search engines compared to a new site that requires more work from the ground up.


Websites of a year or two in age will respond positively to optimization strategies in the first month. Major changes in ranking and online visibility may take up to 10 weeks based on the crawling activity of the search engines including the assessment of new websites, and having to index content from scratch.


When you consult with our SEO agents, we will discuss the different factors that will affect the rate at which your website ranks. We are transparent about what we do and how we do it. This means taking the time to help you understand the processes, timeframes, and technical aspects that go into ranking.

2. What is the Longevity of My Search Engine Results?

Ranking your website will take time but with the right strategy it should continue to improve and not decline in the search engines. Our clients have seen improvements in the rank of their websites with updates in major search engines such as Google with our customized SEO strategies.


At SEOG, we pay careful attention to Google’s ever-changing algorithms and digital marketing trends to continue to rank your website. We do not apply short-cuts when developing an optimization campaign because it will hurt the progress and rank of the site.

3. Can You Guarantee High Ranking for Competitive Keywords?

If you come across an SEO company promising or guaranteeing rankings, always be cautious. It’s like the saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!” Websites are indexed according to many factors from complex algorithms to the structure/design of the website itself. At SEOG, we provide our clients a high quality service based on our years of search engine ranking experience and specialization in online visibility.


To achieve a guaranteed placement for top keyword ranking you would have to invest in paid advertising strategies such as Google Adwords, which is a pay per click (PPC) campaign. While pay per click advertising has its place in optimization, it requires ongoing cost to maintain your online position. When you end your PPC campaign, you will notice a decline in visibility in the search engines.

4. Why Should I Choose SEOG?

At SEOG we take pride in listening to the needs of our clients by prioritizing your goals for your website and online image. We know how important it is to build a reputable brand while focusing on growing your ranking in the search engines. Because we stand for quality and integrity, we will never compromise your business or online image with ineffective strategies or shortcuts. Every method we apply focuses on increasing your rank and your online visibility the right way.


Our purpose is to provide competitive keywords, site visibility, and consistent rankings in the search engines. We aim to provide our clients with positive website growth and online marketing they can trust.

5. Pricing

What is the Cost of Search Engine Optimization?


The cost for search engine optimization depends on individual factors from the existing performance of the website to its age and current ranking. Let’s look at the factors involved in SEO pricing:


  • The overall competitiveness of the market
  • The number of pages on the website
  • Number of targeted keywords
  • Websites with authority that link back to yours
  • The structure/development of the website
  • Your existing ranking in the search engines
  • The content presented on the site including its uniformity and design


SEOG offers custom pricing for entrepreneurs, individual website owners, small businesses and large organizations or brands.

6. How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization is a custom process that works to improve the performance of the website while addressing its weaknesses. We implement SEO according to the following 3 factors:


  • Website Development – We focus on the technical aspects of a website including its overall construction, static pages, plugins, HTML, content management, and much more.
  • Digital Marketing – We use innovative content strategies that include social media and link building to generate interest and reach your target audiences. Our team advises on reputable websites for backlinks so you can build an authoritative site with climbing rankings.
  • Content Quality and Design – How well is your content designed? Is it relevant to your target audience? We help you with the structure, type, and quality of information, images, and media to ensure its relevance supports your ranking.

7. Will Optimization Affect the Appearance of My Website?

Depending on the structure and design of the website, complete changes to the look and feel of your pages may not always be necessary. We might recommend improvements to page layout, navigation, and advise on additional pages to help online visitors find what they are looking for. Our recommendations are based on an assessment of your website with consideration of your brand, your market, and your performance goals.


SEOG’s believes that the success of optimization lies in satisfying the needs of our clients while never compromising our service standard. We help you understand the reasons for the strategies we use and the value that we can offer.